the girl book review

Author: Nikita Singh & Satjeet Kaur

Format/Print Length/Language: Paperback/198 pages/English

Publisher: BLUE ROSE Publishers; 1st edition (14 February 2018)

Book Blurb: The Girl

Hordes of anticipation and loads of butterflies in the guts finally take the form of ‘THE GIRL’. Endless efforts from writers across the nation have been compiled together in this book.

‘The Girl’ is all about the tidbits of every household- the pain, the happiness, the first love, the relentless struggle, the joy of little things- it is a journey every soul makes.

In short, it is a wonderful bunch of marvelous creations by talented writers across the country.
It a combination of tales, stories, and poems. It takes you on a journey of girls, their struggles, and their innermost feelings. Let’s take a step towards changing society because each small step leads to a big one.

Book Review: The Girl

The Girl is one book that took my heart away. The title made me have so many questions in mind and the inspirational and thought-provoking cover was enough to make me give it a read. This book is what we call as Anthology “a collection of words by different writers” which is beautifully divided into three different sections namely poems, quotes and short stories.

‘The Girl’ brings out everyday life problems of a girl’s life from rape, feticide to child marriage and education, everything woven in beautifully. The sections have beautifully given out the pain. The stories are inspirational. Also, I found the autobiographical account in some stories quite thought-provoking.

What stands out in this book is the simplest use of language that ensures that the message of the book is delivered well to the reader.

Although the title of the book may suggest and seem that the book is for young girls, but as you read the book, it will make you realize that every writer & reader must give this a shot to understand the society in a deeper way. So, it does not just bring you to question-your-ways, but to keep an eye on the talent that’s within every girl. Though it has some minor errors for its the first attempt by the young writer, it makes you believe in dreams & the desire to fulfill them.

This book is a must read to get into the world of women who are not just mothers, sisters and wives, but the bright future of the country. And when the blurb says that the proceeds go into sponsoring girl child education you got one more reason to buy this fine piece of literature



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