About me

Hey! Welcome to my Blog

I am Shivali, the Author of this Blog, a Content Writer | Blogger | Storyteller on a mission to inspire people & to make them realize their Purpose in life and their true potential that lies within. I love connecting with like-minded people especially the Booklovers.

This Online Journal basically captures my Personal Beliefs & Values towards my Work & Life. I write about my Personal Experiences, the Quotes by famous people, Motivational articles, Book Reviews and Other Inspiring Stories. I strongly believe in KARMA, LAW OF ATTRACTION & the Concept of IKIGAI.

When I am not working, you can find me reading Books on different Genres, watching Inspirational Videos on Youtube or Wandering here or there for the sake of some inspiration or ideas. Currently, I am working on my first Book which is based on Self-help Genre. I have a Book Club on Facebook if you would be interested in joining and you can connect with me on Social Media too @ishivalisingla

I am a sucker for Coffee especially in winters and love spending time alone with a book in my hands, on a comfy couch and not to forget my favorite scented candles. These little things make me happy, and I am all sorted & charged for the upcoming challenges of life.


Shivali Singla 🙂