Book Review: Untold love stories from India

Book Title: Untold love stories from India

Author: Khushwant Singh

Format/Print Length/Language: Paperback/120 pages/English

Publisher: The Book Company; Ist edition (2014)

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Book Blurb: Untold love stories from India

The best and the worst thing about destiny is uncertainty. These never before told stories of lovers and their unrequited love sprout the Godliness of emotions, with a bitter side of the pills of struggle and longing for the loved one. Stories of your regular, next-door, everyday lovers—everyday heroes—no fanfare, no thrills. Just pure, unadulterated emotions from the hearts of people who knew these great souls.

Shared over endless cups of elaichi–adrak ki chai with the author, these precious stories hold the power to warm a heart even in the harshest chills of the mountains. Take this journey into a world of dreams, butterflies, flowers—and ride the rainbow of life.

Book Review: Untold love stories from India

As the name suggests, you will find love stories. Stories that are garnished with love. The book has several short stories and all of them showering love at its peak. They are simple and sweet still so lovely to read. When you look at the cover of the book, you find a leafless tree over some blooming flowers. I am still not over with the irony of the cover.

Presence of spring and autumn all at once on the cover bring a shiver down your spine even before you start reading. Your questions regarding the cover may be answered when you read the stories. The white background gives no particular significance apart from making the cover more beautiful and catchy.

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These stories are of so many varieties. Though all of them are love stories, they are all unique in their own way. The stories get no title. The only title they have is the name of the lovers. The very first story is my favorite among the 14 stories in the book. All the stories are worth reading and the only things common in all of them is love and a sad ending.

The first story is about a dacoit and a village girl. Second is a story of the partition of India-Pakistan. The third one is the sacrifice of love in family rivals. Forth one teaches the priority between Love and lust. Fifth is the story of a driver and a slut. Sixth is a story of someone fighting for a girl’s rights. Seventh is a patriot saving a girl. Eight is love in business personalities. Ninth shows a victim of Indian nuisance tenth is a woman falling for a saint. The tenth is a story of a foreigner loving Indian. Eleventh is a doctor loving a rickshaw wala.



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