Book TitleTuesdays With Morrie: An old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson

Author of the Book: Mitch Albom

Format/Print Length/Language: Paperback/208 pages/English

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group; Exported edition (1 December 1998)

Book Blurb: Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie reveals how their life comes at the same point again and how Mitch manages to spend some time nursing his master every Tuesday. Morrie helps to bring in order and stability in the life of Mitch and their conversation provides newer philosophies and a new perspective towards life in Mitch’s life. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie: An old man, a young man and Life’s great lesson’ is a beautiful tale of a student and his master.

It shows the delicate and humble relation which a student and his master can go on to share.

It goes much beyond teaching a subject to teach how to embrace life with optimism and happiness. The narration of the whole story is an eye-opening experience for the readers as well; it answers the greater questions about life and actually living a life. It will help to rekindle the gratitude in you for your teachers who are lost somewhere in the mundane and tedious routine and may motivate the readers to renew their relationship with their mentors once again.

Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie is a book that has set standards for other books. The book has its own race and has created its own class. Written by Mitch Albon, this book is based on real-life events and is a tale of an old man who is suffering from a disease that is consuming him daily and bringing the old guy to his unfortunate end.

As the guy nears his end, he shares some valuables insights about life and how life can be tough to someone but the book is all about positivity and Mitch has beautifully mentioned all of his learning which his beloved teacher Morrie taught him. The book catches your attention without you even knowing about it.

Morrie and Mitch used to meet on Tuesdays unlike any other classes, these classes were all about life. With each visit to his old professor, Mitch started thinking about various aspects of life which he didn’t think before. Morrie was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and with each day passing, he was slowly nearing his end.

While Mitch was so busy living his hectic life, he compromised on his happiness and was satisfied with all the assets which gave him happiness which was short-lived and temporary. Luckily it wasn’t too late when Mitch realized that he’s missing onto something much worthy than all the things he was running behind. It was then that Mitch thought of his old professor, Morrie who was losing his battle to this disease as each day passed by.

But Morrie was all about positivism, how to seek positivism even when you are surrounded by negativeness. Morrie was a man of high spirits and positive virtues. His habit of seeking for positivity somehow made Mitch aware of his life and all the possibilities which will be available to him once he set his mind free.

Throughout the book, Morrie was seen emphasizing on the relationships and how we will remember our relationships with others once we die. Although he has shared many valuable insights about life the one which I liked is,

  • Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do. Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it.

He was always about relationships and building good relations because in the long run, what matters most to a dying human is someone who truly cares for him which is possible only by maintaining good relations. Morrie never emphasized over acquiring assets and become rich, instead he found the elixir of life in very simple things. One such thing was dancing, he used to dance until he ran short of breath. Materialistic things never made him happy.

At last, I would like to say that this book is all about how to stay happy and how to attain a never-dying happiness in this fast-paced life. The regular meeting of Mitch with Morrie over 14 Tuesdays is beautifully described in this 200-page book. Mitch has tried his best to imbibe those lessons in this book and he has outdone the best. Surely a must read for those who want to know what is life.



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