5 Steps to Become a Morning Person

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM- this word means is your internal clock that influences your daily routine – when you eat, when you sleep, and when you wake up. And to some extent our biological clock. Some people are morning people and some are night owls, but according to a research majority of us fall in the middle which is good news if you want to train yourself to wake up early.

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The only reason for waking up early is not squeezing more hours out of a day but it also increases productivity. In a research, it is proved that the early risers are happier and more proactive about their goal. Almost everyone loves the idea of waking up early but the biggest problem will be coming out of the sheets. No worries here are 5 Steps to Become a Morning Person :

1. Ease into a habit

If you want to switch from night owl to an early bird you need to feed it to your mind. Old habits are always hard to break but the challenge here is to make it happen and it is possible only when you have realistic goals.

So make a small shift in timings. Like if you wake up at 9:00 am every single day wake up at 8:30 the next week then wake up at 8:00 and then 7:30 gradually you will be habituated to this routine.

Don’t wish it to happen overnight. Slowly and gradually you will become a morning person.

2. Exercise in the morning

There is a fact- ” people who work out on a treadmill at 7:00 am sleep longer, experience deeper sleep cycles and spend 75℅ more time in the most reparative stage.” Your body releases endorphins when you exercise, so hitting a treadmill or yoga will be a perfect start to your day. When you exercise your body temperature rises for four to five hours and then cools down and makes your sleep cycle stable.

3. Make your bedroom ideal for sleeping

Whether it is a bright street light or a noisy street, these factors could hamper your sleep cycle so your bedroom should be ideal for a good night sleep. Here are a few tips that can help you to achieve the above :

  • The study says a room filled with clutter will tempt you to crawl back in bed rather than out of it. So keep your bedroom neat and clean.
  • Keep your alarm that rings to wake you up rather than creep you out. Don’t keep loud sounds.

4. Take the time to wind down properly

Getting up early starts the night before here are a few things to do before to do before crashing in the bed. Set a fall asleep alarm. Having a set bedtime helps you to stay responsible, instead of letting you watch Netflix or read a book and avoid going to sleep.

Don’t directly crash into the bed. Calm your mind and if possible meditate. Don’t sleep with negative thoughts, anger. So, keep all the electronic gadgets away, don’t do anything that stimulates your mind and makes you active.

5. Get your daily dose of sunlight

Light has an immense effect on us whether it is the blue light from your mobile or bright sunlight. Exposing yourself to bright sunlight during the day will actually help you sleep better at night. And keeps you refreshed the next day. Finally, once you get a habit of getting up earlier, stick to it as much as possible especially on the weekends.

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In the end, it the basic proverb, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So to improve your health you got to make your sleep cycle better. The urge of sleeping is strong but as Torgerson says, “You don’t want your body and brain to reacclimate to sleeping and snoozing.”

Until then!