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Happiness- the state of being happy and delightful. One can relate happiness to anything. Different persons have different reasons to be happy but overall happiness is a positive experience of our emotions. Some people find happiness in every little thing whereas some of them try hard to find a reason to smile.

Well, the Happyzozo team tries to do the same and does justice to its name by spreading smiles and happiness.

What is Happiness?

Do people often ask what is happiness? The definition of happiness varies from person to person. Basically, it is different for everyone. It can be found at any moment or any memory.

Happiness is a pillow fight with your siblings or dancing in the rain with your mates. Happiness can be cuddling your pets or spending quality time with your loved ones. Happiness can be anything, anywhere and anytime.

To maintain this positive state of being happy, happyzozo.com recreates such moments. Yes, you read it right. This website recreates your happy moments and tries to capture them in the form of sketches for you. They refresh your memories through their sketches for you. This makes people feel nostalgic and gives them immense pleasure.


The main motive of the website appears to be why chase for happiness when it can be found in mere images. The images shared are nothing but your happy moments which you have already experienced once.

Perfect happiness is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. These recreated images give you a limitless degree of satisfaction as you re-live them. Human beings, a complex creation of God, who tries to discover happiness. It may sound but weird but the fact is that we discover sadness easily. We may be complex but we have a tendency to dive deep into any emotion.

Why wait for the keys to become happy to unlock your life?

Instead, Happyzozo provides you with an instant key and bring a smile on your face immediately. This is so because people easily connect to their real-life experiences and appreciate such moments of pleasure.

The spectrum of happiness is very large, you just need to disperse the day of positive emotion and feel the range of its spectrum. So, you should share these happy sketches with your loved ones. In fact, you can even use them as your WhatsApp profile picture. This is another at of radiating joyous vibes. In the end, it’s all about your approach.

The Happyzozo team is passionately working on spreading smiles and rebuilding your happy moments. Moreover, you can also get paid for drawing engaging sketches on various themes including Very Romantic Images and Earn Rs 1000 to Rs 10000 Per Month! So, now it’s your turn to ask them for your sketches and relive those moments anytime.

You must have heard of the term “lightworker”.

Well, it’s used for the people who are bringing light in other people’s lives, I invite you to become a Happyzozo community member and spread happy vibes in other people’s lives through this amazing platform called Happyzozo.

Until then!