Curtains are a most important part when it comes to home furnishings. Do you agree with me? Also, it’s not something that you buy on regular basis. It’s usually a long-term investment. So, you have to make sure you invest right. Before looking to buy stylish curtains online that go well with the overall central theme of the interiors or just the furniture for your home, you will have to keep a few more things in check.

Having said that, Curtain Designs have also evolved and come up with a lot of options over the past few years. So, how to go about buying the right Curtains for your living room, bedroom or any other area of your home?

Well, we are here to help you with the 3 Most Important Things to Know Before You Buy Curtains onlineView More options here.

Let’s get started:

Measuring Curtain

Make sure you have your windows measured right. Once the size is clear, you can have a look at the curtain designs and catalogs to decide about the size of curtains. How much do you want your curtains to cover the window from the top as per the curtain heading design you have chosen?

You will have to decide the length of the curtains before you place an order online. It’s important to know if you want the curtains to fall to the windowsill, below it, or to drape on the floor.

Curtain Heading

The heading of the curtains could either enhance the overall look of your window dressing or can do the opposite, so make sure you choose these carefully as well.

You can go for many options like Pencil pleats, eyelet hem, Modern, Relaxed and informal, tab top curtains, Box Pleats for a more tailored look, Pinch pleats to add a touch of elegance, Goblet pleats to add a formal touch etc.


Choosing the right fabric for curtain is always crucial as you don’t want something that allows lesser or more amount of light than your requirement; that doesn’t approve acoustically if noise control is in your priority list and that attracts too much dust or are too heavy to handle.

So, I highly suggest you go through the different type of fabrics used in Curtains and decide which one suits the best as per your desire and requirements.

Other than all of the above factors, the color options have to be decided before you opt for buying curtains. Make sure it matches the other things like furniture, home decor and so on. Because a wrong choice can make or ruin the entire interior design of the particular space.

I highly suggest you check out the trendiest curtain collection catalog. You can buy the curtains online by going through their specifications and all the details required as per your choice. The collection comprises tens of options in designs and dimensions based on your preferences and interiors’ central theme.

You can find an exquisite collection of luxurious curtains by Deco Window, Home Deco Vatika, Home Sazz, Dekor World, Elegance etc on the shopping sites online.

I hope this post has been helpful. Let me know your feedback about the same in the comments.

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